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Speed Roulette by Ezugi is a standard roulette version with a high speed of the game process. This game can be defines as a roulette table game, or rather a variation of popular "European roulette". The gameplay is fully automated and thanks to this, players can make a significantly larger number of bets.

The rules of the game are identical to the rules of the European version of the game. You can place your bets on certain numbers, sectors, and bets in the additional "Track" field.

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Speed Roulette By Ezugi

Ezugi is part of the Evolution Gaming Group and the pioneering live dealer casino software developer. The company added a new Roulette version to its already impressive games portfolio with super-fast Speed Roulette. By launching this amazing Rouletteversion, Ezugi has strengthened its leading position in the industry. In Speed Roulette, gamblers will enjoy excellent gambling with professional and friendly dealers.

Features of the game

Speed Roulette offers many interesting features such as:

·        Online chat

·        Supported devices: Mobile phone/tablet, desktop computer

·        Bets on neighbors

·        Additional bets

·        View the game history

·        Speed Roulette can be enjoyed 24/7

·        Sociable dealers

·        Modern graphics and high-quality sound

·        RTP: 98%

Game Description

Speed Roulette by Ezugi allows you to feel a real land-based casino atmosphere. This is an exciting version of European roulette with solid payouts. No doubts that Speed Roulette by Ezugiwill bring you a lot of adrenaline. Guess the winning numbers and try to take a big win with you.


• Minimum bet - 0.2 €

• Maximum bet - 2000 €


Ezugi has once again released an unusual version of the classic table game. The unique feature of Speed Roulette is that it allows you to place bets during the rotation of the ball and the wheel.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the following bid options.

Internal bids:

·        On number -35:1

·        Split (on 2 numbers) - 17:1

·        Street (on 3 numbers) - 11:1

·        Corner (on 4 numbers) - 8:1

·        Line (on 6 numbers) - 5:1

External bids:

·        Column - a bet on 12 numbers placed on the spot with marks of 2 to 1 at the end of the columns, which covers all 12 numbers in the corresponding column. This bet is paid 2:1

·        Dozen is a bet on 12 numbers made on one of three boxes marked 1, 12, 12, or 3, 12. It covers twelve numbers. the corresponding dozen (1-12, 13-14 or 25-36). This rate is paid 2:1

·        Red/Black - 1:1

·        Even/Odd - 1:1 -1-18/19-36 - 1:1

The odds: red/black, even/odd, from 1 to 18/19 to 36-got their name because each of them pays 1:1 and covers 18 numbers on the board, as described in this field. Red / black bets cover either 18 red numbers or 18 black numbers.

Even / odd bets cover even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) or odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, etc.).

Bets from 1 to 18/from 19 to 36 cover lower 18 or higher 18 numbers. (Paid 1: 1).

Zero is not covered by any of the columns, tens, or odds.

When you place your bets, the numbers that will be included in the selected bet type will be highlighted. For example 35:1 payout on a direct bet means that, when you are betting 5 chips on one number, you can win 175 chips, plus your initial bet 5 chips if your chosen number won. Your total payout will be equal to the sum of your winning 175 chips plus your initial bet of 5 units.

Determining the winning number

After stopping, the ball turns out to be in the sector that becomes the winning one, it is the dealer who announces it. In real land-based casinos, the dealer says the winning number, in online casinos, there are some additions: in addition to announcing the winning sector, a visual amount of winnings appears on the player's screen, as well as a list of all the winners for this spin.

Interior design

Speed Roulette by Ezugi can easily captivate your attention for many hours. After joining the game, you will see a dealer, a roulette wheel, and a game table. The professional dealer will notify you about a time when the time comes to place your bet and also when the betting period is coming to an end. After you decide on the bet, the dealer launches the ball on the wheel, and the broadcast continues from another angle. The sector where the ball stops is the winning number, which will also be highlighted on the interface. After that, the winnings are paid and a new round begins.

Online Live Roulette

Game suppliers are constantly improving their technical equipment, which ensures the best quality of broadcasts. In addition, the player himself must have a good Internet connection, as well as a device on which the video will be played. A wide range of settings allows you to change the angles and image quality. Ezugi makes sure to introduce the new versions of the most popular table games all the time.

Wheel and ball

All elements of the game table for live online roulette are designed and implemented with the highest accuracy necessary for this fascinating game. Visually, everything seems very simple, but this is only at first glance.

The roulette wheel is divided into alternating black and red sectors, indicated by numbers. The number of black and red sectors is the same – 18 of each color. All of them are numbered from 1 to 36, and sector 0 is colored green. Of course, these are general ideas about the wheel, since it may differ depending on the type of roulette. For example, American roulette contains an additional green sector 00, which increases the total number of sectors to 38. You can learn more about the types of roulette and the rules of the game in the relevant sections. The size of the roulette ball varies between 18-20 mm, and it is made of high-quality materials: acetal, nylon, or phenol. The material directly affects the jumping ability and therefore makes the game even more random.

Video Description

Speed Roulette is broadcast in a high-quality definition from the chic Ezugi studio. The game is made in such a way that players are guaranteed not to miss a single stage of the gameplay. Depending on the Internet connection and their own preferences, players can change the video settings using the settings buttons at the top of the screen. There are several cameras in the hall, so it is as easy as possible to monitor every action of the dealer. You can also enable the classic viewing mode. It divides the screen into two parts: the video with the broadcast will be on top, and the interactive game table will be on the bottom. When the ball stops on some sector, the camera will show the winning number in close-up.


A great picture and a user-friendly interface will give you the feeling of playing in a real authentic land-based casino. When it's time to place bets, the inscription 'Place Bets' will appear on the screen. If you don't want to wait for the end of the betting period, you can click the 'Spin Now' button. If a large number of participants choose this option, the betting period will end prematurely and the game will move to the ball rotation phase. Speed Roulette can be played on any modern device. Of course, PCs have an advantage in the size of the display, and mobile-in the ability to play anywhere and anytime. However, landscape orientation on smartphones will also provide you with a convenient overview.

Like all other Ezugi solutions for live casinos, Speed Roulette has a convenient, intuitive interface that perfectly combines with the real image. It also allows you to manage a variety of options: you can switch between broadcast types, change the volume of sounds and the dealer's voice, adjust the video quality, use the in-game chat, view the history of rounds, etc.


The dealers in Speed Roulette by Ezugi are not just ordinary dealers. They can be called real presenters. Instead of sitting at the table and monotonously announcing the results, they walk around the hall with a microphone, maintaining an amazing atmosphere. The game will thus remind you of a television show.

How to win at online Speed Roulette with live dealers?

There are many ways that you can use to get out of the table as a winner. Some players believe that the best way is to place a big bet either on black or on red, or on any other event where the casino has the least advantage. Such players often double the balance and leave. Others are supporters of using strategies such as Martingale (this does not work in Speed Roulette). Regardless of the chosen method of playing, none of them can guarantee a 100% win. Roulette has always been and is a game with a random outcome of each spin. The real winners of roulette are those players who can correctly adhere to the chosen strategy.

As with any other live game offered in a casino, whether it is an online or a land-based casino, it is impossible to win consistently. This is mathematically determined. The RTP (return to player) for Speed Roulette is 98.00%. This means that for every 100 euros bet, the player on average will get back a little more than 97 euros. And there are no strategies that can "cheat" the casino. Roulette should be treated as a hobby. If luck is on your side, you will have a chance to finish the game with a larger deposit than you started it.

How does online roulette work?

Roulette with live dealers is arranged in the same way as in a real land-based casino. The dealer conducts the game live at a real table, while players can place bets from home. Some games have a chat in which users can communicate with the dealer or among themselves.

Is that possible to use winning strategies?

In online casinos, and Spinpug Casino is not an exception, betting systems and roulette strategies can be used by players at any time they want. It is worth noting that the use of any system does not guarantee a 100% chance of winning, since roulette is a completely random game. Besides, Speed Roulette is a super-fast Roulette variation with lightning speed.

What types of Roulette with live dealers exist?

There are quite a lot of roulette games in the online casino: American, French, and European variations, as well as speed and auto-roulette. Each game has its own rules and the odds of the institution, so you should familiarize yourself with them before betting on real money.

How to play live online Roulette for real money?

First of all, you need to learn the rules of the game and register in a casino with live games. You can register at Spinpug Casino here . Next, you will need to make a deposit, since games with live dealers can be played only for real money. You will also need a stable Internet connection and a device from which you will play. Based on your budget, choose a table with suitable betting limits.

Are you ready to play?

Based on the information received, we can summarize the following:

1. Speed Roulette with a live dealer is a great opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a real land-based casino without leaving your own home. And the game is live, it allows you to follow every move of the dealer, which guarantees a fair game.

2. Before starting the game, study the rules and strategies of the roulette game in detail, this will allow you to make mathematically correct bets.

3. Try to be polite with the dealer, he only does his job and does not affect the result of the game. Other players also deserve a polite attitude, they also, like you, decided to brighten up the time at the gaming table, avoid discussing topics in the chat that may annoy others.



Speed Roulette is a unique game that can be played only at online casinos.Speed Roulette by Ezugi is one of the most popular games in its class. Rediscover the world of online live games and try your luck. Even a beginner will quickly understand the simple rules of the amazing Speed Roulette.

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